How Contempt for an Alligator Led to a Successful Business Enterprise

When Fred Meyers was a business student in college, he often liked to dress the part, or at least, he really liked the look and feel of the then-popular LaCoste (a.k.a “alligator”) shirts. When the alligator look fell out of favor by those who deemed it “too preppy”, Fred sensed it was time for a change of wardrobe…but he still liked the look and feel of those shirts. Fred put his burgeoning entrepreneurial mind to work, and soon, the Queensboro Shirt Company was born, producing high-quality clothing that could be custom adorned, not by an alligator, but by logos of thousands of their clients from around the world. Fred talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about how he turned his “big idea” into an enterprise that continues to thrive almost 30 years after its inception.

You can listen to the full radio segment with Fred and Ron Morris on The American Entrepreneur website.

Attribution: Courtesy of The American Entrepreneur © 2011 

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