ZapTees Mustache T-Shirt Tutorial

Are you participating in No Shave November? Worldwide, men are opting to put down their razors and beard trimmers for the entire month of November. In our recent mustache themed post, we discussed the history behind the event, and shared some real life participants of “No Shave November”. Display your “No Shave” cause, or show a family or friend support with our latest ZapTee inspiration!

No Shave November ZapTee Tutorial

Step 1: Go to, if you haven’t already. Click on the big green button that says “GO!”

Step Two: Sign in or create an account so your design is saved.

Step Three: When complete with sign in, click on “Add Text”.

Step Four: Time for your first line of text, “Gentlemen,” that will begin the design of your custom tee! Enter the text under “Text Options” and choose your font. Note that the font we used was Arial, but you can use any text you like.

Step Five: Move the text by clicking it, and holding down your cursor. You can move the text anywhere in the 10″ x 10″ area, but we positioned ours near the top.

Step Six: Once you’re finished with moving and editing the text, move on to the next line. Click “add text” for each new line.

Step Seven: Simply repeat the process until your text resembles ours. Note that for the last line of text, we used “Lobster”, but you can choose whichever one you prefer.

Step Eight: Now that you’re finished, your ZapTee should look like this! Simply click “Save & Shop” to Save Your Design.

Step Nine:  Enter your unique name in the space provided, and click Save!

Step Ten: You’ll be redirected to the t-shirt page where you can select what type of shirt you’d like to buy. Choose your favorite and checkout!

That’s it! Pretty soon, you’ll be impressing all of your mustached, t-shirtless friends with your fantastic ZapTee!

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