Run for Ray 2013, Behind The Seams with Queensboro


Run for Ray tees via QB Instagram @queensboroshirtco

Here at Queensboro, we regularly contribute to worthy causes. Whether it be canned food donations for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, or a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, Fred and the Queensboro team are known for donating their time and talent to make the world a better place.

The Run for Ray Trail Run in Leland, NC was no exception.

Making Screenprinted Tees for Run for Ray

Making Screenprinted Tees for Run for Ray, via QB Instagram @queensboroshirtco

Run for Ray, a fundraiser for the Ray Underhill Foundation, was started in 2009 to honor the late Ray Underhill. Underhill, a professional skateboarder and family man, lost a two year battle to a Chordoma brain tumor in 2008.

Since, his friends, family and skateboarding community gather every year to honor him and raise awareness for the Chordoma Cancer Foundation.

The Run for Ray, held at the Brunswick County Nature Park in Leland, NC, invited participants to run in a 3, 9 or 18 mile course. Runners donated in exchange for the opportunity to race, with awards for the top 3 male/female for each distance.

Run for Ray Tee being printed at Queensboro.

Run for Ray Tee being printed at Queensboro.

“We’ve really enjoyed working with John and the entire Run For Ray team. It’s a wonderful cause that our staff members were really excited to participate in,” said Fred. “Any time we are able to reach out to the community and help make events like Run for Ray a success, I can’t help but be proud of the work we do here at Queensboro.”

Banner for Race

Banner for Race, via QB Instagram @queensboroshirtco

Queensboro joined reputable sponsors such as Clif Energy Bars, Bike Cycles, and Go Time to support the cause. In addition to donating screen-printed t-shirts and custom hats, we also “donated” some of our team members. Mattias MacDowell, Sarah Newton, and Melissa Weidenborner  volunteered at the event.

“It was great to see so many volunteers, runners, and sponsors support such a great charity despite the cold and wet weather,” commented Mattias, who was taking photos. “I feel proud to be a part of such a great community of givers and thankful many of them are my co-workers.”

No exaggeration on the cold weather. Runners and volunteers dealt with brisk temperatures, heavy and light showers, and a lot of muddy trails. Still, in spite of the less than ideal conditions, participants put on brave faces.

Soggy Trails at Run for Ray, from the Run for Ray instagram

Soggy Trails at Run for Ray, from the Run for Ray Instagram

“I feel lucky to have been part of such an amazing event,” said Sarah from Merchandising, who distributed water to runners.  “Even through the cold and rain, the love, support and appreciation was overwhelming and contagious.  Definitely an event I will continue to support in the future.”

“It was really cool to follow this donation order from the sample process all the way to the event itself,” she added. ” When I told John I was from Queensboro, he couldn’t say enough good things about our operation, our support and our product.  Great job to all involved!”

From Queensboro Instagram at Run for Ray

At Run for Ray, via QB Instagram @queensboroshirtco

The Queensboro team members who participated in the run, Bob Jones, Mike Kelsey and Kyle Page, also had wonderful things to say about the run, despite the cold weather and sore muscles.

“Great to see so many people out supporting a good cause in less than favorable conditions.  I’m glad I was pushed to participate,” said Kyle, a logo specialist, who ran the 3 mile course.  “It was a fantastic event with lots of support from everyone involved.  Great to see our own co-workers out there braving the elements in both support and running.”

“My legs are still a bit sore,” he confessed.

Bob Jones crossing the finish line, Matt MacDowell looking on.

Bob Jones crossing the finish line, Matt MacDowell looking on.

“I’m typically a fair weather runner but this was for a great cause and more fun than I expected!” said Bob of QB Online Stores, who ran the 9 mile course.

“The course was exciting with great scenery even in the rain and amazing trails. I can’t wait to go back to Brunswick Nature Park in the future. I give credit to ALL the event volunteers who were standing in the rain cheering us on!”

Bob and Mike

Bob and Mike after the 9 mile run.

Mike Kelsey from the IT Department, finished the 9 mile course with a time of 1:18. Although he “signed up just to run”, he confessed that when he learned more about Ray Underhill and Chordoma, it  “changed the race” for him.

“Right before the race, his wife got up and gave us a heartfelt thanks, and a fellow Chordoma patient, who’s currently beating the disease, took the mic and talked about exactly how the event has raised several million dollars, and, as he put it, is moving the needle on the problem. It was strange, and sort-of amazing, to think that a couple hundred people shivering in the rain in middle of the woods in February were playing a part in fixing brain cancer.”

Run for Ray

Race Trophies, Run for Ray

Queensboro staff members who attended the event, Kyle Foster and Amber Sheets, were impressed with the upbeat nature of the participants and volunteers.

“I was very impressed with the level of support, despite the weather.” said Amber, a member of our Customer Service team. “It was inspiring to see so many runners and volunteers at the event supporting a good cause.”

“Great show of support, in less than ideal conditions, too.” added Kyle from Merchandising, who attended the event with his family.  “Thanks to everyone who helped make this another great event and for helping the Underhill family and their efforts to help fight Chordoma.”

Check out the pictures of the event on Instagram @queensboroshirtco and @runforray!

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Meet James: A Night Out With Queensboro at Projekte Gallery & Lounge

When you ask any Queensboro employee what their favorite part of working here is, don’t be surprised if every single employee says:

“My co-workers.”

Perhaps it’s because we’re located in Wilmington, one of the most southern points of coastal North Carolina. The staff at Queensboro lives and breathes southern hospitality.

It was the same respect and support for our fellow co-workers that brought many of us to Projekte Gallery & Lounge, an art gallery, lounge, and furniture store for an art exhibit.

Projekte in Downtown Wilmington

As the surprisingly large crowd formed at Projekte, many familiar faces from Queensboro emerged. Staff members from customer service, marketing and IT came out for one simple reason- to support James Stirling. James, a multi-talented logo specialist at QB, was one of the artists featured at the exhibit.

(From Left) Mike from IT, James, the featured artist, Melissa from Marketing, Claire from Customer Service and Jenn from Marketing enjoy the artwork at Projekte.

(From Left) Mike from IT, James, the featured artist, Melissa from Marketing, Claire from Customer Service and Jenn from Marketing enjoy the artwork at Projekte.

It’s embedded in our company culture that every employee is ambitious, hard-working, and incredibly creative. Queensboro consists of nearly 150 employees with various talents and experience.  For most of us, it’s another fantastic part of working here.

“I truly enjoyed seeing one of our artists’ really unleash his talents,” remarked Claire Becker, our Customer Service Manager.  “It is always surprising to me to see the gold mine of artistic creativity we have here at Queensboro.”

Custom Tees by James, our logo specialist.

Custom Tees by James, our logo specialist.

She’s right- all of our employees, especially our logo specialists, are exceptionally artistic. On this particular night, James was displaying (and selling) his personal line of custom t-shirts. The shirts feature incredibly detailed and imaginative portrayals of a tree, a man’s hand, and even a colorful squid.

“The shirts were so imaginative, and also, really very familiar,” commented Melissa Weidenborner from Marketing, “I realized it was because I’ve seen my co-workers wearing them around the office. I think that’s awesome.”

Custom Tree Tee

Custom Tree Tee

So what inspired these whimsical tees? According to James, the tees give his creations direction, noting that as an artist, he feels as if his illustrations need a purpose. James attributes the choice to use t-shirts to his fondness for concert tees.

“When you put on a t-shirt, you are making a statement about yourself,” James explains.

By James Stirling

By James Stirling

As for the actual process of drawing, James has a unique and compelling approach. The method James uses for sketching, cross-hatching,  is a technique using parallel and intersecting lines. It creates a shadowing effect that’s present in nearly all of his t-shirts.

Squid Tee

Squid Tee

Call Me ‘Lhu, the squid tee, is his favorite.

“I did this piece in a real interesting period in my life and it evokes a lot of negative and positive emotions for me,” James admits. “It took me the longest out of any of the designs, so I feel the closest connection to it.”

Close friend and co-worker Mike Kelsey, who was present at Projekte, calls his friend’s  creativity “enormous”.

“Gnarr by James Stirling”

“It pours out of him in these unique, captivating ways in each artistic endeavor I’ve seen him undertake, regardless of category,” said Mike, who’s also in a band (I, Like You) with James. “I almost feel like I’m as likely to find him making some fascinating sculpture with a chainsaw and a tree stump as I am to find him designing a thought-provoking t-shirt.”

Most attendees at the gallery would agree. In addition to having a large turnout at Projekte, James was pleased to also sell a good number of his custom shirts. Although James is in it for the art, he admits that it “feels good” when people take the time to appreciate it.

“I do art to keep from going insane, getting my stuff noticed is just a bonus. Now that I work at Queensboro, it just seemed silly to not try to do my prints on t-shirts.”

Want a James Stirling original?

Head on over to his online storefront! You can also ‘Like’ his work on Facebook.

Want to design your own custom tees?

Head on over to ZapTee to make it happen!