Logo of the Week: Father & Son Lawn Care

Father & Son Lawn Care

Logo of the Week: Father & Son Lawn Care

This week’s Logo of the Week goes to Father & Son Lawn Care. Father & Son is a locally owned and operated lawn care business in Chicago, IL. Their lawn care services include mowing, fertilization and weed control, shrub and hedge trimming and more. Owner William Madison Jr. strives to be a dependable, professional personal lawn care provider.

In addition to lawn care service, Madison also aspires to be a mentor to young adults. “We want this company to train and teach the importance of money management and good credit.” says Madison. “Above all, we want to show by example the importance of building great relationships and having a genuine love for people.”

As for why he chose Queensboro to provide his custom company apparel, Madison said, “You have best quality and best price and the customer service is the best.”

Read more about Father & Son Lawn Care on the Father & Son Lawn Care website.

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50 New Marketing Products, Promo Items at Queensboro.com

We’ve added 50 new marketing products to Queensboro.com!  In addition to our wide selection of custom pens, mugs, to go cups, custom notebooks, key chains and so much more, we now have even more fun promotional items to choose from.

We chose seven of our favorite new hard goods to show off:

Soda Fountain Tumbler

Looking for a fun, retro-inspired custom to go cups? This transparent, single-wall tumbler and custom to go cup will bring you back to the days of poodle skirts and Elvis Presley. It has a twist-on lid and matching straw, perfect for insulating cold beverages. Made with BPA-Free AS Plastic, this funky cup comes has a Polypropylene straw. Choose from several translucent colors, including pink, purple, green, red, orange or clear. Add a name or brand with your logo to customize this to go cup. Your logo will pop with a stunning, clear single color imprint.

Try using for:

  • Branded restaurant or cafe to go cups
  • Employee or customer gifts
  • Keepsake cups for concerts, events and festivals

Custom Spiral Notebook -

Take notes in style! Supply your customers, clients or co-workers with a customized spiral notebook. Complete with plastic fold-over cover and elastic pen loop closure, this modern, casual look notebook includes 80 ruled pages and matching color ball point pen. Available in various vibrant colors. Brand with your logo or add a name with a single color imprint design.

Try using for:

  • Office supplies with your company logo
  • Facebook freebies or giveaways
  • Memorable items for conferences or trade shows

Deluxe ID Holder - 0972

Our new Deluxe ID custom Badge Holder is perfect for trade shows and conferences! Available in various bright colors, this Polyester Badge Holder with adjustable breakaway lanyard includes a secure Velcro closure, inside zippered pocket, and open front pocket. With 2 pen sleeves and an open pocket on back, this handy pouch is available for customization with a single color imprint.

Try using for:

  • Holding name tags or IDs for conferences or trade shows
  • Ticket holders for concerts or festivals
  • Employee or customer ID holders for every day use

Multi-Purpose Tool Kit

Combine function and ease with our Pocket Multi-Purpose Tool Kit! This handy little kit  includes a 2 flathead and 2 Phillips-head screwdriver with a magnetic base and single white LED light with push on/off power button. Give a promotional gift that your clients, customers and co-workers will use over and over again! With a built-in level and pocket clip, this custom pocket tool kit is definitely a handy-man favorite. Brand with your logo or add a name in a single color imprint.

Try using for:

  • Facebook freebies and giveaways
  • Promo items for a company or organization

Picnic Blanket

Ideal for company picnics, outdoor events, or fun Facebook giveaways, our customizable picnic blanket is one of our favorite new promotional items. Available in bold, traditional colors, this Polyester Fleece Blanket is sure to complete any 4th of July or Memorial Day BBQ. Includes foam lining and water-resistant PVC backing to protect against damp grass or sand. Complete with your single color imprint logo for a fun and functional marketing product your staff and customers are sure to remember.

Try using for:

  • Company picnics or events
  • Facebook freebies or giveaways
  • Promotional items for venues

custom ear buds

Equip your customers, clients and employees with branded ear buds for their favorite iPod or portable audio device. These retractable earphones can be used with any audio device, making them a highly functional marketing product. 3.5mm audio jack, 36″ retractable cord, available in various bold colors. Add your logo or unique design with a single color imprint.

Try using for:

  • Employee or customer gifts 
  • Promotional items for your company or organization
  • Facebook freebies or giveaways

Sticky Note Book

Brand this custom sticky notebook for branded office supplies, trade shows and conferences, or fun Facebook freebies. Includes sticky flags in 5 colors (25 flags per color) and 3″ x 1-3/4″ yellow sticky memo pad (70 pages). Choose from one of our vibrant colors, and brand with a single color imprint for a promotional item that can be used by anyone.

Try using for:

  • Office supplies with company or organization logo 
  • Holiday gifts for co-workers or clients
  • Tradeshow or conference freebies

Which new promotional item is your favorite?

Performance Fabric: Queensboro Fabric Facts

Wilmington, N.C. – Whether it’s logo tees, logo polos, or some other piece of sportswear, you can learn how to stay cool this summer by learning more about the new “performance” fabrics. So, what is performance fabric?

Here at Queensboro, we’d like to provide you with information about these fabrics (online and via our customer service staff), and offer the latest performance fashions to you – which make use of new state-of-the-art weather and moisture management technologies and materials.

Picture This Hot Scene!

The day is gorgeous and you’re just teeing up on #3. The sun is beating down hard.  And…  already, you’re drenched and dripping with sweat! Yuk! Golf is fun, but staying dry and cool during summer play is often a challenge, and can wreak havoc on your score.

The same holds true in the gym, on the tennis court,  or when you’re out and about doing errands or walking back and forth to work. Worrying about your clothes rather than the activity at hand is just plain distracting.

During these summer months, how do you stay cool, calm and collected, and look good at the same time? And how can you prevent all that sweat from affecting your game, and your life? Once just for runners, cyclists and sports fanatics, performance items are breaking out into the mainstream.


A Performance Primer

What is performance fabric? Performance fabrics made for a wide variety of uses, which provide functional qualities, such as moisture management, UV protection, anti-microbial, thermo-regulation, water resistance, and wind resistance.

And here are some related terms:

- Quick-Dry – a high activity sportswear fabric that absorbs, wicks and dries faster than average sportswear, or golf wear. Nike’s patented Dri-Fit Technology is breathable, high-quality fabric that’s specifically designed for athletes to help increase performance.

- Microfiber – fabric that is tightly woven from a very fine poly thread and has a sueded finish for a luxurious, soft feel. Microfiber fabric is naturally water repellent due to its construction process and when specially treated can also be waterproof. (Some folks call this feature “moisture-wicking”.)

(Both of these terms can be found in the Queensboro Glossary. )

How do they work? These newly-engineered fabrics move moisture away from your skin and isolate it on the outer surface so the moisture can evaporate. No more feeling like your shirt is glued to your body! No more embarrassment. No more wondering if you could have shot a stronger game if you had been cooler and drier.

There are indeed psychological benefits to wearing the new performance fabrics: keeping a lower skin temperature, reduced perceived physical exertion during exercise, and the increased ability to keep your focus on your game – rather than feeling and looking wet.

The new performance fabrics also:

- Stay strong despite frequent washes.  Unlike cotton tees or tanks, performance apparel lasts longer due to the construction. (Likewise, the underarm material won’t discolor because of your perspiration.)

- Can be used all throughout the year. For example, in winter months, performance apparel can be layered under your outerwear. In colder temperatures, performance apparel is ideal for skiing, hunting, running, etc.

- Are perfect for traveling since they are virtually wrinkle free, and resist piling.

- Performance fabrics virtually neutralize odor, making them ideal for physical activity.


Performance Apparel Available at Queensboro

Here at Queensboro Shirt Company, we carry a wide variety of customizable performance apparel to meet your needs – from tee shirts, to polos, to outerwear, to caps.  From Nike to Adidas, we have a wide selection of name brand performance apparel.

Queensboro CoolDry Performance Polo

Queensboro CoolDry Performance Polo

Queensboro – We call our signature performance fabric “CoolDry.” We offer a variety of CoolDry polos, including the pictured embroidered Queensboro CoolDry Performance Polo. This particular polo is a great example of our CoolDry apparel, with smooth, silky %100 polyester fabric.  Our CoolDry fabric resists wrinkling, keeping you dry and comfortable all day.

Nike Golf Ladies Dri-FIT Pebble Texture Polo

Nike Golf Ladies Dri-FIT Pebble Texture Polo

Nike – Nike calls their performance fabric “Dri-FIT”.  The fabric was designed and trademarked by Nike as premium performance apparel. Our Nike Golf Ladies Pebble Texture Polo is made with their signature Dri-FIT material. The tailored polo has clean, immaculate lines for a polished, modern look. Authentic Nike branding completes the look.

Adidas Climalite 3 Stripe Cuff Pique Polo

Adidas Climalite 3 Stripe Cuff Pique Polo

Adidas – At Adidas, basically the same kind of performance material is called “ClimaLite.”  We offer a Adidas Climalite 3 Stripe Cuff Pique Polo constructed with a durable, moisture treated polyester knit. The heat sealed Adidas logo finishes off this flawless polo.

And of course, the difference at Queensboro is that you can put your logo on any of these fine pieces of apparel – with only a low four-piece minimum order.