What is worrying you?

Well, normally, the Queensboro blog is cheery, happy and sunny.  But, what with the earthquake in Haiti, and economic pressures, and a crazily cold January, how about digging into your innermost neurosis and letting them go out into the wind, in an anonymous forum.  Nobody knows who you are, so this will be like writing a worry on a piece of paper and sticking it in the campfire, and letting the sparks carry it out into the wind.

As small business owners, especially, this period of uncertainty provides much to be concerned about, and much to be grateful for.  We wanted to put our ears to the floor and see how you’re feeling.

Printed Tee Poll

I’ve got printed tees on the mind today. Maybe because they are on sale at the website. We haven’t done a poll for a while, so have at it!

What Should You Wear to Your Office Party?

There has been a definite uptick in online articles lately about what to do and not to do at your year-end holiday office party. If you are lucky, your office party has been cancelled. (Or so says Slate Magazine’s sister blog, Root.) At other places I have worked, I definitely did NOT enjoy the holiday parties. They were always supremely uncomfortable, for a variety of reasons, most of which are mentioned in the Root article. Thankfully, I have enjoyed the many Queensboro office parties we have had. After all, we’re an exceptionally cool group of people (with equally cool products). Our get-togethers are a fun time to mingle with busy coworkers we never get to talk with otherwise, because we are all so busy. Also, for the most part, we actually LIKE each other, so we enjoy getting to chitchat during lunch. Our gatherings are always during the work day, and do not involve alcohol, sparkly dresses, or other things that can cause embarassing moments and extreme discomfort at office parties. Queensboro is all about comfort, so of course our gatherings are comfortable! However, if you do have an office gathering to attend, I have some questions for you.

Poll: Thanksgiving Walks

As mentioned in our “Gobble ’till you Wobble” post, Thanksgiving is not just a time for eating, but also for walking. Lots of cities have “Turkey Trots,” usually on Thanksgiving morning. It is a chance for you to burn some calories in advance, in preparation for lots of pumpkin pie! My family likes to take a walk after dinner. If we are at my aunt’s house in Southern Indiana, we can walk through the woods, and sometimes see turkeys. (Live turkeys.) If we are in Wilmington, we walk on the beach. How cold is it, generally, for your Thanksgiving walk, and what do you wear?

Poll: Best Corporate Holiday Gifts from Queensboro

The holidays are coming quickly! Lots of our great gift items are on sale now at Queensboro! We’re wondering, which items from our online catalog do you think make the best corporate gifts?

Poll: What Do You Wear with Your Uggs?

Some say Uggs are “out,” but I have a hard time believing it, because if you go to websites of Nordstrom, Sak’s, Dillards and other merchants selling Uggs, there is a clear limit to how many Uggs of one particular style can be shipped to one address. Uggs black market? I think so.

Uggs are only part of your outfit. Winter is fast approaching, and Queensboro is stocking up on toasty winter-gear, some of which would go well with Uggs. That got me thinking: What do you wear with your Uggs?