QB Online Store of the Week: 101 Mobility


The QB Online Store of the Week is 101 Mobility, a North Carolina-based  franchise that sells, installs, and service stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, porch and incline lifts, patient lifts and other mobility related equipment.


The company’s products and services are used by the disabled and seniors, especially to help older persons  in their own homes, despite limited mobility. “The number of seniors will only grow, as forecast by demographic trends,”  notes Marketing Director Joel Brenner. No other national brand address this market. “Mobility concerns for seniors and the disabled aren’t tied to the economy,” Brenner says.

Besides providing accessibility to the disabled, 101 Mobility takes pride in being a “do good company” that’s incredibly active in the social media world. The company Facebook page shares photos and stories, The @101_Mobility Twitter shares infographics, latest news and articles, company Pinterest boards share encouraging, uplifting, and helpful pins. Their social media strategy is backed by their blog, Rotations.

“The 101 Mobility content is not about pitching a product or consummating a sale,” says Joel, quoting the company’s Marketing Manifesto. “It is about knowing and understanding customer’s needs in order to provide the right solution.”

101 Mobility uses QB Online Stores to outfit their staff in branded apparel. Brenner cites the ease of use, excellent pricing, and incredible selection.

“The online store for apparel from Queensboro has been a very useful tool in providing consistent, high quality consistently branded clothing options to a wide network of franchise owners and their employees.” says Joel about QB Online Stores.

Stay updated with 101 Mobility on their official website.

Logo of the Week: Father & Son Lawn Care

Father & Son Lawn Care

Logo of the Week: Father & Son Lawn Care

This week’s Logo of the Week goes to Father & Son Lawn Care. Father & Son is a locally owned and operated lawn care business in Chicago, IL. Their lawn care services include mowing, fertilization and weed control, shrub and hedge trimming and more. Owner William Madison Jr. strives to be a dependable, professional personal lawn care provider.

In addition to lawn care service, Madison also aspires to be a mentor to young adults. “We want this company to train and teach the importance of money management and good credit.” says Madison. “Above all, we want to show by example the importance of building great relationships and having a genuine love for people.”

As for why he chose Queensboro to provide his custom company apparel, Madison said, “You have best quality and best price and the customer service is the best.”

Read more about Father & Son Lawn Care on the Father & Son Lawn Care website.

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Logo of the Week: Utility Construction Services


Logo of the Week: Utility Construction Services

Our Logo of the Week is the UCS Group, Utility Construction Services of Metairie, LA. UCS has been serving Southern Louisiana since 2004 with safe and cost-effective construction and installation of transmission and distribution lines. In addition to serving commercial, industrial, municipal and utility companies, UCS also provides emergency storm restoration.

Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans, is no stranger to strong storms, particularly, hurricanes. In the event of damaging weather, UCS restores power to the affected communities. You can read more about their storm restoration and services on their official website.

UCS has recently acquired an Mr. Electric Franchise,  a residential electrical service that performs anything from installing a fan to landscape lighting.  The company is kicking off their newest venture on March 18th.

When asked why they chose Queensboro for their custom polos, UCS representative Jessica Libbra said,
“We wanted quality products and that is exactly what we received!”

 Follow updates about UCS and Mr. Electric of Metairie on their official Facebook pages.

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Featured Cool Q Customer: Meet John Adams and Deluded Blues

Some people say “cool as a cucumber” to refer to something or someone awesome. We prefer to say “Cool as a Q customer.” Our customers have some great stories, and there’s always something they are passionate about- whether it’s their fund-raising event, small business, organization, or, perhaps, rock band. Starting today, we’ll be highlighting some of our customers on the blog and sharing their cool stories.

To kick off our Cool Q Customer series, we would like to introduce you to John Adams and the Massachusetts based blues band, Deluded Blues! We asked Deluded Blues to share with us their story and how they’ve been able to use their Queensboro gear.

Deluded Blues

Hometown: Milford, Massachusetts

Meet the Band:
Holly Langevin: Lead Vocals
Carl Sussman: Drums
John Adams: Guitar and harmonica
Steve Thomas: Lead Guitar
Barry Provencer: Bass

How would you describe your music? Who are your major influences?

We are a cover band that mostly performs classic rock such as Bob Seeger. We do throw in a fair amount of blues tunes such as Stevie Ray Vaunn or Susan Tedeski. We also perform a few more modern tunes, such as “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood.

What’s your story- When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

We started as an EMC (the storage company) band. At that time EMC was sponsoring the bands, providing practice space and equipment. As time went on the support from EMC waned, and we split out on our own. We played our first gig together on December 14th 2001. At that time we had a keyboard player and a different bass and lead guitar player.

What is your favorite part about Deluded Blues?

It isn’t all the work setting up or tearing down at 1:30 in the morning after a gig, that is for sure. But we really enjoy a lively crowd that gets up and dances and obviously enjoy our performance. That is what keeps us coming back.

Deluded Blues & Queensboro

How Do You Use Your Queensboro Shirts?

We don’t use them as “uniforms” in the band, but sometimes we will wear them at our gigs. We also have hats that are more frequently worn as we perform. It seems Barry always has his Queensboro Deluded Blues hat on when we are playing.

What is Your Favorite Queensboro Gear?

I really like my Deluded Blues golf towel which hangs on my golf bag.

Other Comments:

I am very happy with Queensboro and the service I have received, considering the low volume that we purchase.

Thank you to John Adams and Deluded Blues for kicking off our Cool Q Customer Series!

For more information about Deluded Blues, upcoming gigs, and music samples, check out the Deluded Blues website. And if you’re in MA, be sure to check them out at the local pub!

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