Queensboro: No Assembly Required

How many of you have children?  Those of you that have kids are probably more familiar with the topic of this recent  New York Times Article than you’d like to be.  It details the horror of staying up for 48 straight hours to assemble your childrens’ Christmas gifts.  I’m fairly certain that my parents stayed up before my birthdays, too.


No Assembly Required

Your Queensboro hats, shirts, jackets, scarves and other swat come ready to use.  All your gift recipient has to do is take it out of the box, and put it on.

Don’t forget:  The Dec. 24th arrival cutoff is next Wednesday, November 9th.

Christmas Cut-Off Date 2009

Queensboro logo merchandise makes the perfect end-of year gift!  Whether it is a “thank you for your business” gift during the traditional year-end giving time, or a gift for one of the myriad of holidays at this time of year, Queensboro’s got you covered.

To receive your items before December 24th, you need to order no later than December 9th, 2009.

There may be a rush fee to guarantee delivery.

Queensboro’s NEW Referral Program


It is easier than ever before to refer your friends to Queensboro, and get some credit while doing it!  For every new customer you refer to Queensboro, you’ll receive a $20 Queensboro credit.

columnTo refer a friend, log into your Queensboro account with your email.  Then, scroll to the bottom left corner of the screen and click the “refer a friend” link.  You’ll see the screen pictured above.  It lists three easy ways to tell your friends about Queensboro:  an email, a link and some banners for your website.

Start referring and start earning!

Why Register Video!

We have a lot of fun shooting our videos.  If you’ve watched them before, you know that, while we are highly professional shirt makers, we are definitely NOT highly professional videographers.  That makes for some really funny experiences while shooting.

Most of our videos are also shot in one take, with me acting as writer, director, cue-card holder and camera operator.  (That gets me off the hook for being onscreen, which is FINE with me!)  Here is a little tidbit from our “Why You Should Register with Queensboro,” and the finished product.

Why Register Outtake

Why Register with Queensboro: Final Cut

Recent Donation Recipients

Queensboro donates shirts, bags, hats, and, even some of our damages, to charities and organizations around the United States. We do have a standard donation request procedure to give donations to nonprofit organizations. Please email us if you would like more information.

Here are some pictures from our donations over the past few months.

New Horizons Center

The New Horizons Center in Texas works with children needing extra care, support and safety.  They have their own facilities and also work with local foster care placement agencies.  One of their events each year is a large golf tournament that raises over $50,000 to put toward the mission of the organization.  Queensboro provided the hats for the tournament this year.

Participants in the New Horizons Charity Golf Tournament

Participants in the New Horizons Charity Golf Tournament

2009 International Gator Day:  Tampa Gator Club

The alumni of the University of Florida are organized in to “Gator Clubs.”  Each year, all of the Gator Clubs participate in International Gator Day, during which they volunteer in their local communities.  This year, the Tampa Gator Club reached out to us to help with their event.

The Tampa club hosted children and families from a local domestic violence shelter for a day of fun and activities.  One of their activities was a kickball tournament, for which Queensboro provided team shirts (hence the different colors!).  Because of the sensitive nature of the participants, we can’t, unfortunately, show pictures of the kids, but you can see the adult volunteers having lots of fun!

Queensboro Shirts at International Gator Day

Queensboro Shirts at International Gator Day

Participants at International Gator Day

Participants at International Gator Day

Having fun in Queensboro Shirts at International Gator Day 2009

Having fun in Queensboro Shirts at International Gator Day 2009

Feathered Friends Forever

The sleeve in this picture might be a Queensboro shirt, or it might not!  Bob, a volunteer at Feathered Friends Forever, a bird rescue and shelter, let me know he’d get a picture of the volunteers soon!  This group is one of our ongoing donation recipients.  Every three months or so, we send them a couple of boxes of our damaged shirts.  This bird rescue organization needs lots of shirts because the birds tend to be a little messy. They chew on volunteers’ shirts, drop them “presents”, etc.

The volunteers were getting their shirts ruined every time they went to volunteer, so they contacted us to see if we had any damages that they could wear while they are working directly with the birds.  We were happy to oblige.  Normally, our damages go to local organizations in Wilmington, but a couple of boxes here or there now go to our parrot friends in Georgia.

Feathered Friends Forever Volunteers Wear Queensboro!

Feathered Friends Forever Volunteers Wear Queensboro!