Happy Father’s Day from Queensboro!

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and in the spirit of this special day for Dad, some of the Queensboro staff has shared some of their favorite quotes, advice and memories about their Dad and fatherhood in general.

Happy Father’s Day!


Melissa, Marketing

Favorite Advice From Her Dad: “I am very much my father’s daughter, and choosing just one favorite thing about my Dad would be impossible. I will say, the greatest gift he has ever given me is the ability to believe in the impossible, the improbable, the hard to reach dreams. He taught me to live without limits. Any success of mine is a direct success of his, simply for encouraging my imagination…(he might regret that sometimes! :) ) “


Jenn, Marketing

Favorite Memory of Her Dad: “Playing catch with my sister with our Dad coaching; I was maybe 6 and demonstrably left-handed in eating/drawing, etc. Left-handed, I threw “like a girl”. At one point, Steph and I switched gloves for fun and started throwing that way. I was much more successful throwing right. The next thing we knew, Mom was asking Dad where he was going. “Going to get Jenn a new glove – she throws like a rocket right-handed!” Dad continued to be my softball coach for the next few years.”


Claire, Customer Service

Favorite Memory of Her Dad: “My whole life my father has been the funniest man I have ever met, sometimes intentionally but most of the time unintentionally.  So it was no surprise when this year I asked him what he would like for Father’s Day, and he responded immediately with “Undying Adoration”. He already has it, of course, but he just wanted to make sure we knew how good we have it.  Although I don’t know how to gift wrap or mail that, it does always make me smile at my lame yet witty dad who I adore. “


Matt M., Marketing

Advice About Fatherhood: “No one on their deathbed will say, ‘I really wish I spent more time at  work.’ Cherish the time you have with your kids, and make more time if  you can.”


Matt H., Customer Service

Favorite Father’s Day Memory: “You hear so many stories about how having children changes your life, how it’s the greatest thing that could ever happen to you, and how the day they are born is the greatest day you will ever experience.  Most of this is true.  I am the father of a precious little girl, who continues to melt my heart with each smile, laugh, and new word spoken.  The moment I saw her I felt a new passion for life and I knew I would never be the same again.  Yes, that day was extraordinary, but equally challenging.  I would have to say that the day I met my wife was the greatest day of my life.  I met her on a day hike to Gregory Bald in Great Smoky Mountains National Park; a mountain-top pasture known for an amazing display of hybridizing azaleas each June.  Ironically, I met her on a Father’s Day and greater forces were certainly at work.  The weather was perfect and I was enjoying my fellowship with nature.  I ran into a group at a trail junction, where we all thought it would be a good place for a water break.  She immediately caught my eye.  It wasn’t the “love at first sight” that you often hear about in songs and film.  But, my heart stirred and I knew something was different about this day.  The group asked that I join them for the remainder of the journey.  Although I enjoy the peace of a solo hike, I was glad to oblige.  Her smile was intoxicating.  For the purpose of keeping the story short and sweet, I’ll spare you the details.  It’s quite simple actually:  we bonded, we dated, we fell in love, and eventually decided to spend our lives with one another.  Now, we marvel at the new life we created and love our little family deeper each day.  But, I still think back to that Father’s Day and how a little walk in the woods changed my life forever.”

What’s your favorite Father’s Day memory?

Logo of the Week: Garrett Farms

Garrett Farms

Today’s featured Logo of the Week comes all the way from Oronogo, MO!

Garrett Farms is a 700 acre crop, hay, & cattle operation in southwest Missouri. Mike Garrett, owner/operator, shared that his family farm has been in operation since 1945. As well as operating the farm, Garrett is a retired firefighter, and his wife is a paramedic for METS ambulance in Joplin, MO.

The Garretts recently ordered embroidered tees from Queensboro, which they shared on our Facebook page.

“They were a big hit!” said Mike Garrett about the lightweight, colorful t-shirts.


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Meet Adaire: Wilmington Biz Expo & QB Online Stores

A few weeks ago, we asked our Facebook fans to describe Queensboro. We asked, “When I say Queensboro, you say __________________.”

One of our fans, a long time Queensboro customer, commented, “Adaire!”

Of course, he was referring to one of our best known employees, Adaire Howard, Business Development Manager. Adaire, originally from Fayetteville, NC, has been at Queensboro for nearly seven years. Her favorite part of working here, she admits, is working with the customers.

Adaire of QB Online Stores

Adaire of QB Online Stores

“I like being able to work with our customers to develop their brand using our products. I find it gratifying to know that I have helped contribute to their success and growth.” says Adaire.

Adaire was present at the recent  Wilmington Biz Expo,  representing Queensboro and her specific area of expertise, QB Online Stores. QB Online Stores, or as we call it, “QBOS”,  allows customers to sell their own logoed apparel. The highly customizable storefronts allow small business owners, groups and organizations to sell branded apparel and hard goods.

“Some of the best features are the user interface and flexibility of the storefronts,” says Adaire. “It’s easy to customize in order to meet the needs of individual customers. Plus, the profit potential is endless!”

At the Expo, Adaire was connecting with current Queensboro customers, networking with local businesses, and sharing her favorite Queensboro products.

Queensboro at Biz Expo

Pic of the Queensboro Booth at Biz Expo via Mobile

“My favorite item right now is the Sport-Tek Ladies Sport-Wick Stretch 1/4-Zip Pullover. The material is very comfortable and it is fitted perfectly for comfort,” says Adaire about the cozy pullover.

Adaire's Favorite Pullover

Adaire’s Favorite Pullover

To many, Adaire is “Adaire from Queensboro”, but to her co-workers, she’s “personable, witty and outgoing.”

“Adaire is one of my favorite people at Queensboro,” says Melissa Randall in Marketing. “She’s so incredibly passionate about what she does, and it reflects in everything she’s accomplished for the company.”

“Adaire is a great sales person and resource for Queensboro customers.” adds QB Online Stores Accounts Manager, Ed Daughtridge.  “She puts the customer first and strives to build lasting relationships.”

When she’s not representing Queensboro, you can probably find Adaire at her favorite local lunch spot, Chop’s Deli. “I don’t think I’ve ever been to Chop’s Deli without being greeted by name,” Adaire says.   “I can appreciate that they serve local food and eco-friendly products.  That really means a lot to myself and our community.”

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QB Online Store of the Week: 101 Mobility


The QB Online Store of the Week is 101 Mobility, a North Carolina-based  franchise that sells, installs, and service stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, porch and incline lifts, patient lifts and other mobility related equipment.


The company’s products and services are used by the disabled and seniors, especially to help older persons  in their own homes, despite limited mobility. “The number of seniors will only grow, as forecast by demographic trends,”  notes Marketing Director Joel Brenner. No other national brand address this market. “Mobility concerns for seniors and the disabled aren’t tied to the economy,” Brenner says.

Besides providing accessibility to the disabled, 101 Mobility takes pride in being a “do good company” that’s incredibly active in the social media world. The company Facebook page shares photos and stories, The @101_Mobility Twitter shares infographics, latest news and articles, company Pinterest boards share encouraging, uplifting, and helpful pins. Their social media strategy is backed by their blog, Rotations.

“The 101 Mobility content is not about pitching a product or consummating a sale,” says Joel, quoting the company’s Marketing Manifesto. “It is about knowing and understanding customer’s needs in order to provide the right solution.”

101 Mobility uses QB Online Stores to outfit their staff in branded apparel. Brenner cites the ease of use, excellent pricing, and incredible selection.

“The online store for apparel from Queensboro has been a very useful tool in providing consistent, high quality consistently branded clothing options to a wide network of franchise owners and their employees.” says Joel about QB Online Stores.

Stay updated with 101 Mobility on their official website.

Logo of the Week: Father & Son Lawn Care

Father & Son Lawn Care

Logo of the Week: Father & Son Lawn Care

This week’s Logo of the Week goes to Father & Son Lawn Care. Father & Son is a locally owned and operated lawn care business in Chicago, IL. Their lawn care services include mowing, fertilization and weed control, shrub and hedge trimming and more. Owner William Madison Jr. strives to be a dependable, professional personal lawn care provider.

In addition to lawn care service, Madison also aspires to be a mentor to young adults. “We want this company to train and teach the importance of money management and good credit.” says Madison. “Above all, we want to show by example the importance of building great relationships and having a genuine love for people.”

As for why he chose Queensboro to provide his custom company apparel, Madison said, “You have best quality and best price and the customer service is the best.”

Read more about Father & Son Lawn Care on the Father & Son Lawn Care website.

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