What is Denier?

Expandable Attache; Style 4067

Expandable Attache- Style 4067

I decided to investigate the meaning of the word “denier” because almost all of the product descriptions for our bags contain the word. I had the vague notion that it was probably a descriptive term for the thickness of the material. I figured that if I did not know exactly what it meant, then our customers probably would not know, either. Upon investigation, I found that understanding the meaning of the word “denier” also helps with the definition of the word “microfiber.”

“Denier” is a form of measurement in the textile business. It denotes the density or thickness of yarn. Denier is generally used to describe synthetic yarn (such as polyester or nylon), but could, conceivably be used to describe any type of yarn. The measurement “denier” is the mass in grams per 9,000 meters of fibers. So, the higher the “denier” number, the more heavyweight the fiber. That translates into a more heavyweight, thicker piece of fabric.

Most of the bags that Queensboro Shirt Co offers are made of 600 denier polyester, so they are heavy-duty and ready for work!

What is Microfiber?
Microfiber is defined as fiber that has a designation of less than 1 denier, which means less than 1 gram of fiber per 9,000 meters. While it might seem like you would not want a product made from microfiber based on the thickness, the opposite is actually true. Microfiber, because of its lightweight properties, produces some of the silkiest, nicest knits. It just takes more individual fibers per yard to make up the fabric.

For example, if you were to compare our San Francisco Microfiber Jacket with a heavy duty denier tote bag, you could tell the difference instantly. Each fabric is well-suited for its function. The microfiber is silky and smooth, while the fabric on the tote is rugged and built to stand up to the rough and tumble life of a much-used tote bag.