Why You NEED Your Own Logo

Several of my recent posts for the Queensboro Blog have focused on branding. What branding is, why you should brand, and how you can successfully brand your business. I write about logos and branding because Queensboro helps customers advertise their brand with custom embroidered or printed shirts, bags, hats, jackets and more!

Small Businesses: Why Bother with a Logo?

Last weekend, I was thrilled to have a visit from some of my very extended family. My Mom’s cousins and their children were in town to celebrate a wedding. The groom and his (now) wife have started their own pool servicing business on Long Island. At a pre-wedding barbecue, several people asked me about my job. They all knew that I had switched career fields within the past year or so. I enthusiastically talked about Queensboro, ending with questions for the Bride, “Do you guys have your own logo shirts for your business? No? Why not?” Two reasons, she said. First off—she didn’t know they could get logo shirts in reasonable quantities. Second, she said that they didn’t have a logo for their business and did not know how to get one. From talking with the happy couple, I think that it had never even occurred to them to have logo shirts for their small business. A few minutes of bending their ears and I think I may have convinced them that they should invest in some logo apparel.

Differentiate your Services

In the competitive business environment of today, absolutely everything you do helps to differentiate you from your competitors, and what sets you apart can work in or against your favor. It is like rally scoring in Queensboro’s volleyball games. No matter who serves, a point is scored. If the ball hits the sand on your side, the other team gets a point. Nothing is neutral anymore. The lack of a strong logo employed to communicate your brand will lower your visibility as much as using your logo strategically will raise your visibility. On Long Island, there are lots of pool servicing companies—at least 160 came up in a quick online yellow pages search. If my relatives wear custom logo apparel to meet with clients and provide services, they will immediately project a more professional image and inspire confidence in their customers. It is a business move that doesn’t cost much but can yield great results, fast.

Gain Instant Credibility

A business that has taken time to develop a logo and invest in logo apparel sends a message that it is not a fly by night operation. Increase your customer base and elevate your image with one simple move: change your shirt.