Holiday Walks: Gobble ‘til You Wobble

In Wilmington, NC, signs are up, radio station mentions are frequent and advertisements splash across all of the newspapers for a frequent fall tradition here. Chili Cook-offs? No. Seafood Festivals? Hardly. Polar Bear Plunges? Negative. (No, that’s not until February, when it is actually cold here.) Every fall, Wilmington is overwhelmed with “Walks.” Fundraising walks, get in shape walks, celebrate the holiday walks, participate and get a t-shirt walks. Walking is the thing to do and to be seen doing when October, November and December roll around here.

What’s in it for Me?

Why do people participate in walks? Well, I know why I used to participate in walks: the “free” shirt (that came with my registration fee and pledges raised). The “I did this and you didn’t” shirt, if you will. Or, there’s always the “I’m altruistic and fit” shirt. Or, how about the “look how buff and tough I am” shirt (that argument is more for those who participated in the Beach to Battleship Ironman not the Battleship 5K last weekend). Who doesn’t love these self-proclaiming pieces of apparel that are free? Because of Queenboro’s low four piece minimum order requirement for digital printing or custom embroidery, we produce a lot of shirts for various walking teams- both official event shirts, as well as those for individual teams. We get to see lots of fun and creative logos and designs for these various shirts. A recent Thanksgiving Walk logo included the fun tagline “Gobble ‘till You Wobble.” (Kind of defeats the purpose of the walk, huh?)

The Funniest Walking Logo this Year

By far the funniest walk/run logo shirt we are printing (that I am aware of) is for the annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk, which benefits Arthritis research. The particular design I mention is for a team effort, fielded by the principal graphic designer of Liquid Design in Westerville, Ohio. What do I love about this logo? The team is completely honest about their running abilities. Their tagline is “Run a Little, Walk Even More!” If I were to design a logo for my charity walk team, this would definitely need to be my team’s mantra. Joe Handlon, the designer, said that this is his team’s fourth year participating in the event, and they always ask him to come up with an original team shirt. This is the second year that Queensboro has printed their shirts. Even if the team doesn’t finish first, or walk the most distance, they are already winners in my book! They will be strutting their stuff in funny, original team logo shirts, raising money for a good cause.

Event Shirts for Everyone

Is your team getting ready to get fit for a good cause? If you want to stand out from your fellow runners and walkers, consider printed t-shirts from Queensboro. They will be fun memories of your event. If you are organizing a walk, run or even a stroll, and need shirts for your participants, we are happy to help you with your design and your order—large or small. Rest assured, Queensboro shirts won’t bust your budget, and you will have hundreds of people advertising your event for next year for you as they “run” around town in your event shirt.