October 2008 Logo Contest Winner: Hobos for Hire

The day Queensboro Customer Service Representative Matthew sent the “Hobos for Hire” logo around for all of us to see, we immediately started “spinning yarns” (pun intended!) about the logo. What would you hire a hobo to do? We conjectured a wide variety of tasks, some politically correct, others not. If we had just bothered to notice that the email address of the contact was [name]@hobosforhire.com, we could have visited their website. We were having way too much fun making up our own stories.

What Can a Hobo do for You?

“Hobos for Hire,” it turns out, is a band. I emailed the band, asking them about how they became the Hobos. Adam Repp, the head songwriter, wrote me back a wildly entertaining story, befitting of a talented writer. In order to do justice to his witty humor, here he is, in his own words, Adam Repp (cue applause):

Kate: How did you guys choose your name?
Adam: I’d like to think that the name chose us. After a handful of shot down names and an earful from our Nannas, we needed to decide. At the time I was much like a hobo…a transient really. Working during the day, and moving from couch to couch at night. I could only have hoped for the sharing of a spaghetti noodle from a kindred soul.

Then it happened. While fishing empty beer cans out of a customer’s pool, it hit me. Like Eddie Adams from Boogie Nights, the name flashed in my head like a blinding light of realization. Flashbulbs erupted over the illuminated title. We were then and will forever be known as: “The Hobos for Hire.” It suited us…hardworking lovable transients that just wanted a chance to prove their worth in the music industry. While some hobos work for food…we play for respect.

Kate: How did you get together?
Adam: The story goes like this: Josh, Colin and I have been friends since childhood and have always wanted to be in a band. I had a lot of time on my hands while basically squatting at my uncle’s house so I wrote and wrote. I’m pretty sure the space was haunted; so it was either call in Paranormal State or write songs to keep my mind off of the ghostly wails. When Colin and I started collaborating, we brought Josh on as a second guitarist and our friend’s brother, Matt, to hit the skins for us. After about a year we enlisted the services of our fellow pool boy, Justin, to wail on the sax. For our new EP (coming soon at www.hobosforhire.com plug* plug *plug*), we have recruited Josh’s future sister-in-law to lay down some sultry backing vocals. She will hopefully become a permanent tambourinist at our live shows.

Kate: Where do you play?
Adam: We started off playing in garages and basements and have progressed to some of the premiere hotspots of the Northwest Illinois suburbs. No gig is too small for the Hobos…we will play any soup kitchen or junior high-school dance. Hopefully after the release of our new EP “We are your tired, your hungry, your poor…we are the Hobos for Hire” (coming soon at http://www.hobosforhire.com ehh hemm *plug *plug *plug) we will venture out into the city and be available to play in Michigan Ave. penthouses. . .

Kate: What are some funny things that have happened to you as a result of the name?
Adam: The public has been very responsive to the name. Usually a slight chuckle occurs followed by a quizzical look, followed by “That’s a good name, man.” As a pool boy, I run into the upper echelon of society and upon the mention of our band to one customer, he insisted that he had heard of us. I left before he started ripping at my shirt and stealing hair from my pocket comb…but I was excited that our name was familiarized in his brain…even though I’m pretty sure there’s no way he could have heard of us.

Hobos Hire Queensboro

I also talked to Colin Croft, one of the founding members of the band (who also does administrative tasks, such as ordering shirts from Queensboro).

Kate: How did “Hobos for Hire” find Queensboro?
Colin: As a band, promoting is #1 and we felt the best way to do that was by getting some custom t-shirts. I began pricing out t-shirts from local businesses, which I really like to support, but they were all trying to charge me setup fees/ graphic fees and then those sneaky order minimums. I found Queensboro online, through Google. I quickly created an account and immediately uploaded my Logo, which was ingeniously created by our dearest Hoboette Carly Stangeland. My logo was approved that same day and I was sent a confirmation to view my design on the shirts. After one more confirmation, my order was in line for printing and within a few short weeks my order arrived.

Kate: Now that you are famous and stuff, why do you stick with Queensboro?
Colin: The Logo Locker is great, and the product selection is diverse. I find both the web and phone support is top notch and you can’t beat the 4 piece minimum order and the FREE embroidery or printing anywhere. Viewing my account information and order details is easy on the website, which is important to me. And, your e-mail marketing is super efficient. I have placed at least two orders from those sweet deals that are offered every so often.

There you have it: “Hobos for Hire” in their own words. Just don’t call them “bums.”