The Queensboro Chili Cook-off Champion!

Our blog editor, Jen B., is the 2008 Uncontested Chili Champion, or so says the custom-embroidered apron she won for serving her “Jamaican Jerk Chili” at the Queensboro Chili Cook-Off last Friday. Eli, one of our Logo Specialists, designed the one-of-a-kind logo for the Chili Champion. We’ll profile him next on the blog! Back to Jen.

The Eye

Jen is affectionately known as “The Eye,” here at Queensboro (short for “Eagle Eye”). She is our proof-reader extraordinaire, and a great editor of my blog posts. She efficiently wipes out over-use of hyphens and commas, and keeps me from going overboard with my obsession with parenthesis (at least, she tries). Jen and her husband, Charlie, have been fans of Jamaican food for years. Jen’s from Massachusetts, and she and her husband used to frequent a little haunt in their old neighborhood. They’ve found a new place in Wilmington, but none quite as good as the place back home. The newlywed couple honeymooned in Jamaica last fall, choosing their vacation location in part because of their love of the food! Charlie, a talented chef, and Jen, a shrewd marketing professional, put their heads together to create a distinctive take on chili.

Vote for the Jerk!

“Jerk spices” are actually a blend of spices. The world “jerk” refers as much to the cooking process as the spices. The meat is prepared by dry-rubbing spices onto the meat and smoking or roasting it. Jen’s chili included jerk roasted pork-both pulled and ground, peppers, onions, four different kinds of beans, a few secret ingredients, and of course, more jerk. Jen and Charlie created the Jamaican Jerk Chili recipe from scratch, drawing upon their gustatory experience with Jamaican food. Asked why she took the straight departure away from a “traditional” chili model, Jen said that she thought the way to winning was to try something completely different. She was right!

In addition to her unusual recipe, Jen used her marketing prowess to create a “change” in Queensboro’s Chili Cook-off. Immediately upon arriving on Friday, the 31st, Jen began marketing in earnest, hanging flyers around the office and production floors with the following:

“Chili “Campaign Slogans”

“My name is Jen B. and I approve this message: Vote for Jamaican Jerk Chili”

“Exercise Your Gastric Rights: Vote Jamaican Jerk Chili”

“Is the price of gas one of your top concerns this election? Jamaican Jerk Chili offers FREE GAS! Vote today!”

“Isn’t it time you voted for a JERK? Vote for Jen B’s Jamaican Jerk Chili. Yeah, Mon!”

She achieved her goal—by the time Queensboro’s staff filed into the room with the chili, everyone was curious to try the new and different Jamaican Jerk Chili. Great job, Jen, on your chili! She’s the one to beat next year. . .

Logo Love

Queensboro logo specialists and artists are a creative bunch. Eli and Kit, two of our logo artists, created this hilarious comic to help you, our customers, learn about logo file sizes for great digital printing!  Gone are the days of limited colors and one-dimensional graphics.  With the right file size, Queensboro Digital Printing is FREE with the price of your product.  If you need help with your artwork, we can do that too!

If you don’t have a logo, Eli, Kit and our other logo artists will be thrilled to help you create one! If you have an idea or a small file you would like to use for printing, just send it to us for an evaluation and we’ll let you know if we can create a vector file for you.