Happy New Year from Queensboro!

It’s time to kiss 2008 goodbye! On the eve of the new year, it is customary to look back over the previous year and offer some thoughts for the coming months. At Queensboro, we have a lot to be thankful for and much to look forward to in the coming year. So that you’re not hearing from just me, the Queensboro blogger, I walked around the warehouse and asked the Queensboro staff for New Year’s felicitations and best wishes for you, our customers. Here are their wishes for you, in this brand new year.

Kagney, in Customer Service
“To Our Queensboro Customers: Without you there would be no Queensboro! Thank You for making 2008 a great year, and we look forward to an even better 2009!!”

Heather, in Marketing
Work, love and play are the great balance wheels of man’s being
Orison Swett Marden

“Orison Swett Marden was an American inspirational writer who believed that all of our successes are a direct result of our thoughts, and that will-power, positive thinking and balance were keys to a life of financial and personal prosperity. I wish you all this and more as 2008 turns to 2009.”

Susan, in Sales
“2008 has been a tumultuous year, but has allowed me to appreciate what I have, and achieve a kind of inner peace. This will hopefully help me model a spirit of contentedness and calm toward my family, my co-workers and my customers.”

BJ, in Production
“My New Year’s resolution is to move more and get fit.”

(I believe that BJ speaks for most of the entire staff with her resolution.)

Jennifer G., in Customer Service
“I’m getting ready for life with a one year old. I think that speaks for itself.”

Brittany and Ashlee, in Customer Service
“Our goal is to save money in the New Year. Luckily, when you shop at Queensboro, you can save money, too!”

Heather, the Training Manager
“I would like to remind everyone to go to the dentist more.” (She was reminded of this when she had to go to the dentist a few weeks ago.)

Kate, the Blogger
“I would like to wish all of our Queensboro customers and “Behind the Seams: the Queensboro Blog” readers a happy, healthy, safe, productive and fun New Year! I have had a great time getting to know all of you—learning about your businesses and stories. Kagney is right, without you, there would be no Queensboro!”

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions: Small Business Marketing

“After all, Tomorrow is another Day.”  So says Scarlett O’Hara, at the end of “Act One” of Gone With the Wind.  To make sure I had it right, I asked Billy, our new production manager, and one of the few true southerners working at Queensboro. (Welcome to the Queensboro Blog, Billy!)

Well, two days after tomorrow is a New Year, so there’s no time like the present to get moving on your New Year’s resolutions for your business.  Many people I have talked to recently are more than happy to see the end of 2008, so let’s go ahead and move on without waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square.  If you’re like a lot of small businesses around the United States, you have had to cut your budget across the board.  Do not fear.  You can still market your business without tons of money, it will just take a little bit of elbow grease and some innovation.  Here are some ideas to elevate your business image and presence in 2009 and beyond.

  • Invest in some fresh logo apparel.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that I fully support this method of brand marketing.  I would be remiss in not mentioning Queensboro’s small business service of custom logo shirts and bags with only a four piece minimum order, which makes us perfect for small businesses!  Fresh, new shirts to make you and your staff look professional and crisp should definitely be part of your marketing strategy.  I have experienced this, myself, for my own freelance business, and blog about it frequently.  (Shameless sales plug aside, moving along.)
  • Get involved in the social media.  Don’t know what social media is?  Here are a few websites to give you a leg up.  Remember—it is not just participating in social media marketing that will help your business—it is how you participate that will make the difference.   Chris Brogan:  http://www.chrisbrogan.com and Seth Godin:  http://sethgodin.typepad.com are two of my marketing heroes.
  • Volunteer for community events and projects with your staff (this is also a good place to wear your company polo shirts!  HINT.  Oh, wait, I promised no more shameless plugging).  This is essentially free marketing, because you will be listed as a “sponsor” in the event materials.  Also, community members will get to know you and your staff, see how friendly and knowledgeable you are and will undoubtedly remember your business and call upon you when they are in need of your services.
  • Contribute products or services to radio and TV station giveaways.  Lots of stations do trivia contests.  Some will charge you to participate in the giveaways, but others will not.  Free PR!
  • Try email marketing.  If you aren’t into the world of email marketing yet, it can be a very low-cost way to market your business.  Queensboro uses email marketing to communicate with our existing and new customers.  It has become part of our brand.

Best wishes to all of you in the New Year!  Give some of these marketing tips a try for low-cost marketing in 2009!