Family Reunion Shirts from Queensboro

To walk from my desk to the microwave, you have to pass the digital printing setup. I am nosy, so I always like to see what Lilly is printing. (Lilly runs the printers for the 2nd shift, the shift I am most in the warehouse.) I have noticed that Queensboro prints a fair number of custom screenprinted tshirts for family reunions. Some just have the family name on them, while others have photographs or more extensive graphics. To spread the word about our logo services department, and give them a challenge to express their different artwork styles, I devised the “Family Reunion Shirt” project. Hopefully their designs will give you a feel for the unique artwork Queensboro can create for your family reunion shirts! We do have an artwork fee, but it is low! Currently $25 for custom artwork.

The Rules
1. The design had to be for printing artwork.
2. The design had to be family-friendly
3. About the “hypothetical” family
The family has 28 members. Two grandparents, five children, 12 grand-children, and four great grand-children. The family’s name is Inman. The reunion will be in Brown County, Indiana, where the family will be swimming, hiking, horseback riding, eating pizza, making s’mores and shopping.

With the above information, the logo specialists created three designs. Bryan created the top two and Melissa created the bottom design. (Unfortunately, Kit and Eli didn’t have time to create designs for the project.) Needless to say, I was really impressed with their designs. Which is a good thing. More about that later. . .

Logos Specialist Bryan created this logo. He said the inspiration was a “large family tree.” Extra credit to Bryan for looking up the Inman family crest from England and including it in his design!

Bryan also created this design, which is more modern in feel. This is a family reunion shirt that folks of all ages would like to wear. Including picky teenagers!

Melisa created the print artwork for this Inman Family Reunion shirt. I really like it because it communicates the rustic feel of a Brown County vacation. (Those of you who have been there know what I’m talking about!)

In the Interest of Full Disclosure
So, maybe my methods were more than altruistic. The “Inman Family,” is actually my family on my Mother’s side. We used to go to family reunions in Brown County every year and they were tons of fun. Since the time we went on reunions, several of us have gotten married, there are new great-grandchildren and everyone has undergone a fair number of life changes. Due to health issues, work, etc. we can’t get together for a reunion this year, but I can send everyone shirts. So, I get double duty out of this post: promoting our artwork, and a chance to do something nice for the family. In the meantime, contact Queensboro today for help designing your 2009 family reunion shirt!