Queensboro Customer Spotlight: Sharing Our Very Best With The World!

Our Customer Spotlight is Our Chance To Shine A Light On Some of Our Employees’ Favorite Businesses.  This Week’s Customer Offers A Little Piece of Heaven…

bear ridge lodge

                          Established: 2007                                       
    Where: Ellijay, GA (North GA Mountains)
Website:  http://www.bearridgelodge.com
 Queensboro Customer Since 12 + years

  1. Our Mission Statement is “Helping People Share Who They Are With The World”. What does your business do, and what do you want to share with the world?

(According to Lodge owner and operator Randy Harris) It’s a “little piece of heaven” in the North Georgia Mountains,  a beautiful, natural and relaxing escape.

  1. Building strong relationships has always been one of our goals. How do you successfully build relationships within your business?

Sales are 80% you and 20% your product.  I try to build a relationship by being genuine.

  1. Where is the best place to get lunch in your neck of the woods?

Cook out right here at Bear Ridge. Part of the uniqueness is that we are in the middle of nowhere.  Your options are both limited and fantastic.

  1. If there was a soundtrack to your business what song would you play for us?

Mountain Music by Alabama (You can even hear it on their own Facebook page accompanying a really cool video of the property taken by a drone.)

  1. If you could wave a magic wand and change your business in any way, how would you do it?

The only thing is that you live the business.  Sometimes you would like to get away.  (Randy did offer for me to come keep an eye on it for him for a few weeks…I’ll be right there Randy!)

  • Bonus Question: Tell us a (clean!) joke. See if you can make the office laugh!
  • (Randy knows a lot of jokes and not a lot that would fit here. He’s definitely a character!)


Want to be a part of Customer Spotlight? Contact us today!  Leave your questions or comments below and be sure to like and share our Customer Spotlight of the Week!


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