Friday Afternoon Food Talk!

Lowcountry and beyond…

How often have your best relationships been forged over something as common as food or the love of something so similar? We may live far apart and have different stories, but our passion for what draws us close is the same.

Wilmington, NC is part of the Lowcountry of the Carolinas. That means seafood, BBQ and all those wonderful things. North Carolina is a lucky state because it has the coastline, inland and mountainous regions that all provide different types of cuisine, farms delicious goodies and inspiration. Add to that our long history of African culture, European ancestry and spice trade, and we have a lot to be proud of, and it shows every time we gather.

Here at Queensboro, we have many family members who have lived their whole lives here in the Lowcountry. Matt in Marketing says, “Eastern NC BBQ is what defines this region, I think.” while Ed in Storefronts tells us that “EVERY southern family gathering I go to has ham, deviled eggs and green bean casserole as the staples and then all the other options can vary from event and season, and always sweet tea or Coke to drink.” He also notes that “oyster roasts and fish fries” are common as well.

On the other end of that spectrum, we have Cory in Storefronts. She is from Western Pennsylvania and she says, “In western PA, it is carbs! There is a large Italian, German and Polish population so think pierogies, lasagna, sausage, heroes, pasta…you get the picture. They even put french fries on salads. It’s the Pittsburgh crouton.” And William from Philadelphia simply stated “Cheese. Steak. Philadelphia.” So, I think we know how he feels about his food traditions.

One thing is for sure, we all have different ideas of what our local food traditions are. But all these different traditions help us build relationships and break down barriers and relate to one another. We’d love to hear about your local or family traditions. Join the Queensboro family and share your part of the story below.


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