About Fred


dcd3275f664927896cb497135add184aIn official circles he is known as Fred Meyers, President and Founder of The Queensboro Shirt Company. Fortunately for us, Queensboro doesn’t have an official circle. We might, occasionally, have an unofficial trapezoid or two, but that’s about as geometric as we get most days. Fred likes it that way and he’s the boss.

Raised in New England, Fred moved to New York City to attend college and business school in the 1970s. It was during this time he started selling custom-embroidered logo shirts to several school groups and a few teams in a city squash league. This hobby slowly evolved into the Queensboro we are today.

After moving the business 9 times in its first 12 years of existence, Fred decided to relocate to scenic Wilmington, NC in 1995. Since then, this notorious random scribbler, father of five, and ardent tennis player has been gathering together some of Coastal Carolina’s friendliest and most talented people to bring you the best logo product experience possible at prices that will make you smile.

Fred believes that smiles are an essential part of the Queensboro culture. You’ll see that in many of his blog entries. We get to see it every day.



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