Anatomy of a Baseball Cap

8450Originally published 12/12/2008

One of Queensboro’s most popular items is our Style 8400 Queensboro Brushed Twill Cap. Just as I examined the “Anatomy of a Polo Shirt,” the post that previously explained the parts and terms used in describing a polo, today (aided by lovely sketches by Heather C.), the Queensboro Blog brings you the “Anatomy of a Baseball Cap.” That way, if you need to order baseball caps with your embroidered logo, you can understand the product descriptions listed on the Queensboro website. By correctly identifying the benefits and features of each hat, you’ll be more satisfied with your order.

Bill: The baseball cap bill is composed of two pieces of fabric with a piece of cardboard or plastic sandwiched in between the two pieces. The pieces of the hat bill are sewn together. The bill acts to shade the wearer from the sun. The trend of wearing the baseball cap backward on the head is thought to have originated with baseball catchers who had to wear the protective cage on the front of their faces. Today, you can often see the stalkerazzi (a.k.a. paparazzi), wearing their caps backwards so they can hold their monstrously and invasively prying SLR cameras close to their faces.

Crown: The front of the hat that touches your forehead is the crown. The crown of the hat can be structured or unstructured. Most baseball caps today have unstructured crowns, as does Queensboro’s brushed twill cap. A structured cap has a backing behind the panels so that it holds its shape, whether it’s on your head or not. An unstructured cap doesn’t have this backing, so it’s not as stiff. A structured cap has a backing behind the panels so that it holds its shape, whether it’s on your head or not. You might remember the brief fad of the so-called “trucker cap” which had a structured foam crown and a stiff, plastic mesh back half. Apparently the trend is OUT as of 2003. Gosh, how time flies.

Panels: The main part of a baseball cap, the part that actually forms the hat are the panels. The panels are much like the sections of an orange, together forming the rounded structure of the hat. The panels of the 8400 cap meet at seams, which are covered on the back side of the cap by a tape with the edges turned under for comfort and durability.

Button: The button is at the top of the hat, and holds all of the panels together. It functions in more of a cosmetic sense, presenting a unified meeting of the panels at the top of the cap.

Eyelets: Eyelets are the small holes around the top of the cap. They can be holes in the fabric, bordered by a sewn edge, or they can be punched with small metal rivets, and be made from metal. Eyelets help with ventilation.

Sweatband: The sweatband is a traditional part of all hats and caps. It literally does what the name implies—catches the sweat. Some caps have a “self-fabric” sweatband, in which case the sweatband is made from the same fabric as the hat. The Queensboro Brushed Twill Cap is made from a sturdier twill fabric, so the sweatband is made from a softer, thinner cotton material with sweat-absorbing batting on the inside.

Closure: Most baseball caps have a closure at the back of the cap. Caps that are unfitted have a half-circle opening with a buckle, plastic or Velcro closure. The closure on the style 8400 is made from two Velcro straps that allow you to adjust the fit of the hat.



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