Anatomy of a Buttondown

Originally published 1/29/2009

Following on the heels of our helpful and frequently referenced posts about parts of a polo shirt and parts of a baseball cap, we bring you the definition of a buttondown shirt. If you ever end up on Jeopardy and need to rattle off the names of various seams and buttonholes, you will be prepared after reading this post.

Parts of a Buttondown Shirt

Back Pleat-The back pleat is just underneath the back yoke, in the center of the back of a buttondown shirt. This feature is designed to add more room to the shirt, greater range of motion and comfort.

Back Yoke-The back yoke is the piece of the shirt that connects the collar of the shirt to the back of the shirt.

Buttondown collar-A Buttondown collar is the type of collar that literally buttons-down. This type is most often worn with a tie. Technically, though we have a category called “buttondowns” that includes all shirts that have buttons down the center of the shirt, only shirts with buttondown collars are truly buttondowns.

Spread Collar-This type of collar does not have buttons at the points.

Double needle stitched-A double row of stitching along the seams and hems.

Extended Tail-The longer shirt tail on the back of the shirt. Helps keep the shirt tucked in.

Pocket-Most buttondown shirts that have a left-chest pocket.

Placket-The placket is any place on the shirt where the shirt fastens together. The main placket on a buttondown shirt is the front of the shirts. Some button downs have plackets near the cuff-either a one or two button cuff placket.

Single button Cuff-This refers to the buttons actually on the cuff of the shirt, not just above the cuff.

Men’s Shirt Measurements
A lot of people wonder how the measurements are calculated for men’s shirts. What are those numbers on the shirt boxes? For all of you who wondered how to measure a men’s shirt, here are the details:

Neck Measurement: The measure of the collar from button to buttonhole inside of the shirt.

Arm Measurement: The Arm measurement of a shirt is measured from the center of the back, just below the collar, out to the bottom of the cuff.

Length Measurement: The length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt.



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