Have Some Pun with Jackets

Originally published 11/19/2008

My favorite blog posts are pun posts. Anything that makes someone laugh, even a “your joke is really bad and I’m laughing anyway” laugh, works for me. Today, as the weather is turning crispy, even here in Wilmington, I would like to present some jacket puns for you, woven into a delightful story of dressing for interviews (which a lot of people are probably doing right now). The puns are bad. I’m not going to lie.

Joe had a job, but. . .

Joe went to his job at the coffee shop down the street. Unfortunately, that day Joe was fired because he arrived for work at the coffee shop wearing a tea-shirt. Joe is an enterprising fellow, so he set about finding a new job almost immediately. First, he checked on his pet worms. He found that the two silkworms were amusing themselves by having a race, but they ended up in a tie. He donned his tie, and his cardboard belt, which some would call a waist of paper. Not Joe, though. He wanted to make sure that he looked dapper for his day calling on potential employers. He elected not to wear his straw hat because straw hats are past their heyday.



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