Pique Knit Fabric: Queensboro Fabric Facts

Originally published 4/22/2011

From time to time, we like to share information with you about the different types of material that are available on the Queensboro Shirt Company website. With any of these materials, you can have your company’s or organization’s name set onto the items. So what is pique knit exactly?

Take a peek at Pique

Here is a close up photograph of pink pique fabric (as shown):

Pique Knit Fabric Definition: Pronounced “PEEK”, this is the fabric that is most associated with the original Lacoste Alligator Polo shirt.  Also sometimes called mesh, pique is characterized by a textured fabric face with lots of tiny holes and a fabric back that is smooth.  The construction is designed to pull moisture from the skin and wick it into the air, keeping the fabric, and the wearer, relatively dry and cool.  Before the days of high tech and high performance Polyester yarns, Pique was the original performance fabric. 

In the 1920’s,  pique fabrics were an innovation that was used in the first use-specific athletic wear, particularly in the original tennis and polo shirts, as athletes began to move away from participating in sports in long sleeve button down shirts that covered up all skin.

The extraordinary comfort of this fabric soon popularized it for less serious athletes. Today, pique knit polo shirts are especially popular for everyday wear and corporate apparel. (Please note that due to the surface texture of pique, embroidery can sometimes be a bit of a challenge on this fabric, particularly small letters or details.)



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